Thanks to funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, CEDA and Access All Aerials created a series of podcasts looking back at the History and Heritage of the South West, and in particular how disability access is being considered by local attractions and facilities whilst maintaining their rich heritage. 

On this special page, we share some of the podcast highlights, episodes and memories from the many trips and public events CEDA held over 2022/ 2023.

A Legacy Project

One of the lasting legacies of the DASH Podcast Series is a fantastic new local history radio show broadcast on Access All Aerials. Listen back to one of the latest episodes below or find more on the ReplAAAy service.

The Series

Access All Aerials worked with CEDA and their members to produce a series of six podcasts looking at different regions of the South West. Each podcast features CEDA members talking about their experiences visiting different attractions and popular locations in each area highlighting good accessibility and speaking with those people who are having to maintain the history and heritage of the south west whilst making their location as accessible as possible.

For Queen and City

A special edition of the DASH Podcast celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee, looking at her visits to the South West and sharing CEDA's users feelings about the Royals in the Exeter.


In this edition of the DASH podcast, we chat with local historian Aubone Braddon, who has a disability himself. We chat about how the Roman Wall is now more accessible than ever, and capure the memories of City Centre shoppers as they reminise on how the city of Exeter has changed.


In this edition of the DASH podcast, we visit Dartmoor. Take a look around the visitor experience centre at Princetown and look at the amazing work being done to make Dartmoor as accessible as possible.

South Devon

In this edition of the DASH podcast, we visit South Devon and the wonderful places that make up the English Riviera. The group visit St Marychurch and Bygones, plus we look at memories of accessing the historic port town of Brixham.

East Devon

In this edition of the DASH podcast, we visit East Devon and look at the extensive history and hertiage of the Jurassic Coast. The Roundtable discussion shares memories of spending time on Exmouth Beach and the CEDA group reflect on how an Seaton tradtion has been made accessible in the 21st Century. 

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